The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


This Sunday, Admit You’re Not the Greatest & Relax

One of the greatest gifts of Christianity is the freedom to be ordinary. [Read More...]

WATCH: Mother Teresa on Prayer

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This Sunday, No Happiness Without the Cross

Professing your faith is crucial. But not as crucial as what you do next … [Read More...]

This Sunday, Jesus Sums Up What He Wants From Us

Pope Benedict said that two words from this Sunday’s Gospel encapsulate Jesus’ whole message. [Read More...]

This Sunday, How Religious People Go Wrong

Our sins might not be quite like the Pharisees’, but they’re not so different either. [Read More...]

This Sunday, Commit to Christ Despite It All

After four weeks of preparation, Jesus asks for a decision. [Read More...]

This Sunday: Despite Scandals, the Church Is Holy

The Church is holy in its origin, its purpose, its means and its fruits. [Read More...]

Benedictine College Going Big to Honor Mary

Students, faculty and friends of the college have been invited to “Come be a part of history with us.” [Read More...]