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Movies for Future Men

Kids imitate what they watch. Always. No matter what. [Read More...]

Movies for Future Women

Here is my “dad’s list for girls” — with a lot of input from my own wife and daughters. [Read More...]

The Stories We Tell That Shape Our Lives

Without consciously thinking about it, the stories that we tell ourselves shape what we hear in the pews. [Read More...]

We All Knew Hollywood’s Secret Long Before Harvey

Hollywood has been stealing innocence for years. [Read More...]

Why the Movie ‘It’ Is So Scary (and Not So Scary)

The movie ‘It’ opens on the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady — the day the answer to the devil was born. [Read More...]

Beauty Tips to Save the World

Last week, after I wrote about finding Jesus through goodness, truth, and beauty, Twitter asked me this: “@TomHoopes Great article! Loved it! But what are some other ways to evangelize using the [Read More...]

Before Noah: Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies

If you love Noah, we have more like it for you. If you hate Noah, here’s an alternative. The Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College surveyed 6,500 online readers to vote on their [Read More...]

Best Pictures? Watching Oscar’s Nominees

By Richard A. White | Dr. Richard A. White is associate professor of theology and chair of the theology department at Benedictine College. He received his master’s degree in Christian thought from Trinity [Read More...]