The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


That Thing That Makes You Take Jesus Seriously

Do you remember the first time you took Jesus seriously? This is not merely an academic question. Pope Francis is urging us to share the Good News of Jesus, but that will [Read More...]

What the Sacred Heart Says

Sacred Heart statue, St. Benedict Church, Atchison, Kan. The Sacred Heart used to bother me. I found the pictures of Jesus with his heart hovering in front of his shirt weird. I [Read More...]

Sacred Art at Benedictine College

The Our Lady of Grace fountain at Benedictine College is one of the newest examples of Sacred Art at Benedictine College. In this slideshow find 10 examples, old and new. 1. On [Read More...]