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Carolyn Watley: Management in All Things

A 1977 graduate of Benedictine College, Carolyn Watley is the president of CBIZ Benefits and Insurance in Kansas City, where she has been working for 30 years – ever since she graduated [Read More...]

Air Force One Leadership: Colonel Bradley Hoagland

Colonel Bradley Hoagland is the Commander of the 11th Wing and Joint Base Andrews, Md. He is in charge of 17,000 personnel at the base, and he is the first to greet [Read More...]

Jim Ferrell’s Infectious Curiosity

Jim Ferrell has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ferrellgas – grown from a private company to the United States’ second-largest propane retailer – since 1965, when he [Read More...]

The Leadership of Michael Haverty – Top Quotes

One of the perks of the Gregorian Fellows program is the opportunity it provides students to meet with local leaders. On Monday, Michael Haverty was the speaker of the week. Now retired, [Read More...]

The Wisdom of Mary Hasson: Top 10 Quotes

Mary Rice Hasson, a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. and director of the Catholic Women’s Forum, came to Benedictine College on Monday to talk to Gregorian [Read More...]

Into the Storm for Life

The weather and emotions for Benedictine students and Gregorian Fellows during this year’s March for Life started out pretty cold. It was a whirlwind 63 hours, 48 of which were spent on [Read More...]

More on the Gregorian Fellows

Want to see everything our Gregorian Fellows do? For all our posts, by and about the Fellows, CLICK HERE. From their experiences in the classroom, to conferences, to their summer internships, to their [Read More...]

Blessed Christmas! Annual Report Offer

Blessed Christmas Octave! As we head into 2016, I want to express my gratitude for your ongoing support of the Gregorian Institute. To continue the Gregorian Institute’s important work, we are asking [Read More...]