The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


Imitate Notre Dame’s Hero Priest

Tragedy exists to teach us heroism, Tom Hoopes writes at Catholic Digest. [Read More...]

The Tears of Peter and the Despair of Judas

After he was called to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ, Judas betrayed his friend, Lord and Savior. Then, it got worse. [Read More...]

The Greatest Mass Media Is … Mass

As we move through the Holy Week liturgies we will be participating in the most powerful form of mass media in the history of the world. [Read More...]

Our Holy Week

Here’s a brief look at the week and, in answer to a request, a few ways my family celebrates it each year.Palm Sunday. [Read More...]

Sunday Verse: The Lord’s Passion

Pictured: Crucifix of the Passion of Christ. [Read More...]

WATCH: This Sunday, Passion Brings Hope

Father Meinrad Miller OSB explains that the hope with which Jesus entered Jerusalem was fulfilled in his death and resurrection. [Read More...]

This Sunday, Jesus Leads From the Cross

What does Jesus have that the apostles, the Sanhedrin, and Pontius Pilate are missing? [Read More...]

Benedictine College Plans to Transform Culture in America

On April 13, the college will gather industry leaders, thought leaders, and subject matter experts to set the college’s future. [Read More...]

Benedictine: A Better Investment Than Harvard?

George Weigel and Archbishop Naumann make compelling cases for a school that offers real scholarship that acknowledges the truth. [Read More...]

The 3 Forces That Can Transform Culture in America

Do not be afraid. Think of the world as a helpless giant who needs our aid. [Read More...]

The Three Ends of Education

One reason is to get a job … but that‘s not the only reason we go to college. [Read More...]

Sunday Verse: God’s Upward Calling

Pictured: Adoration offered in Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel at St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, Kansas. [Read More...]

WATCH: This Sunday, Jesus Doesn’t Desire the Death of the Sinner

Father Marion comments on the story of the Woman Caught in Adultery. [Read More...]

This Sunday, Jesus’ Agony and the Woman Caught in Adultery

She stands for us as we face the suffering Christ at the end of Lent. [Read More...]

C.S. Lewis: Love Is the Key to Humility

Pride and vanity are restrictive, turning us inward — ultimately making us sad, insecure, and restless. Humility is expansive. [Read More...]

Can Your Online Friends Become Your Real Friends?

Grab some courage, type out a message, and get ready for the messier but more rewarding adventure of real-life friendship. [Read More...]

30 Catholic Catch Phrases Show Everyday Wisdom

We really like to say these things because they say something real. [Read More...]

Symposium Offers Solutions to Technology’s Traps

Hundreds of participants and presenters explored how Catholics should respond to smartphones, artificial intelligence and bioethical challenges. [Read More...]

Sunday Verse: A New Creation

Pictured: Spring time on the campus of Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.  [Read More...]

Movie Deeply Moves Benedictine Audience

Archbishop Naumann and a full theater rented by the college helped push pro-life film to Number 4 its opening weekend. [Read More...]