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Bishop: “Be Shameless” About Catholic Identity

 Atchison, Kansas, is one of few small towns nationwide that offers elementary-through college Catholic education. “The Catholic Identity of Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools” at CUA had bad news and Good News [Read More...]

American Catholic Hall of Fame: Greatest Intellectuals

Orestes Brownson (1803–1876), New England public-spirited intellectual. “Catholics are better fitted by their religion to comprehend the real character of the American constitution than any other class of Americans.” John Courtney Murray [Read More...]

The Army’s Approach to Leadership

 Gen. MacFarland heads to the auditorium after an extended session with Gregorian Fellows Oct. 4. Remarks by Gen. Sean B. MacFarland. In 2006, Col. Sean B. MacFarland implemented a new U.S. military [Read More...]

Defending Catholic Identity in Health Care Reform

September 30 is the last day to submit comments to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services regarding religious exemptions for contraception coverage. Benedictine College is proud to report that the three [Read More...]

Hope at D.C. Bishops Meeting

 Bishops attend a Benedictine College convocation. What do the U.S. bishops expect of Catholic colleges in the New Evangelization? The U.S. Catholic bishops met with 54 non-tenured faculty of theology departments Sept. [Read More...]

Six Myths About Atheism

 Time magazine, April 8, 1977 In the editorial introducing Father Robert Spitzer’s Gregorian presentation on the “New Proofs for the Existence” of God, I wrote that it wasn’t such a bad thing [Read More...]

The National Catholic Register and 9/11

A coincidence put the National Catholic Register in an unexpectedly strong position to cover Sept. 11 10 years ago. What emerged from that coverage was a new approach to Catholic journalism. I [Read More...]

Defending My Joy (Against Kurt Cobain)

This post originally appeared at The writer Santiago Ramos is a great Catholic voice who is attentive to, and respectful of, the prevailing culture — which, like it or not, is [Read More...]