The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


This Sunday: Render Unto Caesar (and God, Too)

In his Sunday’s Gospel (the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A), Jesus short-circuits a clever trap by the Pharisees. They want him to declare himself pro-tax and thereby get in trouble [Read More...]

Fatima: A New Miracle and a New Mission

Heaven is inviting everyone to join in a mission as old as the Gospels and as new as each of us — if only we will listen. [Read More...]

WATCH: This Sunday, Good News! You’re Invited. The Bad News?

What kind of wedding garment do you have? asks Benedictine monk Father Dennis Meade. [Read More...]

This Sunday: Don’t Treat God Like a Waiter

The Eucharist is a rich and abundant feast, to which the proper response is “I am not worthy.” [Read More...]

Only the Church Believes What the Love Songs Say

The Church is the last guardian of true romance. And if you think about it, pop music agrees. [Read More...]

Benedictine Memorare Army Cheers Freedom Win

Becket Fund Chairman Bill Mumma spoke to Benedictine College students shortly before the win, and urged students to keep up the fight. [Read More...]

WATCH: This Sunday, Cultivate Your Vineyard

Do we welcome Jesus into the vineyard of our hearts, asks Father Meinrad Miller, or do we drive him out? [Read More...]

Benedictine on EWTN: Lost Catholic Screenwriter Recovered

“This guy had a hand in rewriting It’s a Wonderful Life,” asked Raymond Arroyo: “That’s not a more impressive legacy than Mr. Blue?” [Read More...]