How I Learned to Accept Marian Consecration

How I Learned to Accept Marian Consecration September 15, 2015 by Tom Hoopes I admit it. I was a little bit weirded out by Marian consecration in the past. I was never suspicious of Marian piety — but I could never really embrace Marian consecration, with its talk of “holy slavery” to Mary and becoming […]

Benedictine College: A Year of Faith in Review

January 25: Benedictine College took seven buses to the March for Life in Washington D.C., the university with the largest group from furthest away. February 28, Pope Benedict Resigns: St. Benedict’s Abbey on Benedictine College’s campus marked the moment with a solemn tolling of the bell. March 1, “Confession Experiences Rebirth”: Leaven, the newspaper of […]

I Work At Our Lady’s College

I Work At Our Lady’s College September 09, 2013 by Tom Hoopes I work at Our Lady’s college — you know, that college with a long history in the Midwest, a winning football tradition, a memorable fight song, and a beautiful Lourdes grotto that people visit from all over the country to light candles … […]