Corpus Christi: Taking the Body of Christ to the Streets in 21st Century America

Corpus Christi: Taking the Body of Christ to the Streets in 21st Century America June 23, 2014 by Tom Hoopes The “Fortnight of Freedom” has begun. Each year for the last three years, the U.S. Conference of Bishops has encouraged us to pray for the right of Catholics and people of all faiths to not […]

Keep Praying for Religious Freedom

Click “Memorare Army” in the menu to join the prayer campaign. Keep Praying for Religious Freedom July 03, 2012 by Tom Hoopes When news came that the Health and Human Services mandate was forcing all Catholic institutions to provide contraception coverage to their patients, the Gregorian Institute and Benedictine College knew just where to turn. […]

Threat to Liberty is an Opportunity for Unity

Threat to Liberty is an Opportunity for Unity July 03, 2012 by Vaughn Kohler At the end of the Old Testament story of Joseph, the patriarch tells his brothers, who had sold him into slavery out of jealousy for their father’s love, that their actions did not thwart the plan of God.  “What you meant […]

Train New Catholic Leaders

Train New Catholic Leaders July 02, 2012 by Tom Hoopes Robert P. George answers Gregorian Fellows’ questions. We are presenting daily suggestions on how to promote Catholic identity in public life. Today: Train the young. Yesterday, I wrote about the education the Great Books institute I attended gave me in college. Another thing the institute […]

Celebrate Catholic Identity in Public Life

Celebrate Catholic Identity in Public Life June 30, 2012 by Tom Hoopes American Catholics have too often fallen into a self-defeating pattern. Call it the ghetto syndrome. The ghetto syndrome started years before the ghetto, in 1634 when Cecil Calvert’s Catholic settlers headed to Maryland on The Ark. They were afraid of upsetting their Protestant […]

LIVE FROM TOPEKA:  Benedictine College and Kansans Rally for Religious Freedom

The Benedictine presence loomed large at the Kansas Fortnight for Freedom rally for religious liberty. Buses and a caravan left from Benedictine College and Maur Hill-Mount Academy. Benedictine College President Stephen D. Minnis, who with Archbishop Naumann launched the Memorare Army prayer campaign for religious liberty, at the Rally for Freedom in Topeka, Kansas. Screenshot […]

The Greatest American Catholic Politicians

Charles Carroll of Carollton (1731-1832) signed the Declaration of Independence, siding Catholics with U.S. founding principles. John Adams called the Continental Congress delegate and U.S. Senator one of the greatest men of his time. Daniel Carroll (1730-1796) signed the Articles of Confederation and U.S. Constitution. He risked much for the cause of American independence. George […]