The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


This Sunday: Don’t Serve the God of Worry

Jesus calls the Christian to a radical simplicity and focus on God. [Read More...]

I Pray My Kids Get Caught

But think of how great this prayer is. Think of the blessings of a child getting caught. [Read More...]

Seven Lessons From Fatima’s Youngest Visionary

Today, we remember the personal holiness of Blessed Jacinta Marto on the anniversary of her death. [Read More...]

Cardinal Burke in Kansas

He even visited a college class that was studying his book … [Read More...]

This Sunday: Wait. Can I Really ‘Be Perfect’?

To tell people “be perfect” is more a mind-control technique than it is a way of life, some say the Gospels claim. [Read More...]

The Latest Pope Francis Furor, In Context …

The danger for critics is that we put our opponent in a box… and stop listening to what they say. [Read More...]

Five Lessons From Super Bowl 2017

Here are five spiritual lessons I want my sons to learn from Super Bowl LI. [Read More...]

Alfa Romeo’s Promise of Absolute Freedom

It invites us to consider, and I hope reconsider, what we were taught about being human. [Read More...]

This Sunday, Paul and the Old Testament are More Loving than Jesus

People often say the Old Testament and St. Paul are harsh but the New Testament and Jesus are mild and forgiving of sin. Today’s readings prove otherwise. [Read More...]

Super Bowl Ads and Our Longing for More

C.S. Lewis and Pope Benedict would understand what Super Bowl LI commercials were saying. [Read More...]

Summer Youth Conference Opportunity at Benedictine College

Join us for our sixth annual BCYC Immersion (previously “Cathedral”)! BCYC Immersion is a week long experience of community, faith, and scholarship for teens, held on Benedictine College’s beautiful campus in Atchison, [Read More...]

This Sunday: We Are the Light of a Very Dark World

The trick is to remember that it is not our light, but Christ’s, that really shines out. [Read More...]

How Religious Women Changed Our World

I now see that the world would be a very different place without nuns. [Read More...]

From Felt Banners to Snapchat, Benedictine Has Been Marching for Life for Decades

Benedictine leaders in the March have become leaders in the Church. [Read More...]

This Sunday: The Beatitudes and Your Wallet

Allow me to do a little experiment and imagine what each Beatitude says about our spending habits … [Read More...]

Marching for Motherhood

I can’t help but recognize maternal virtues are just as important to appreciate; I live with a mother of nine. [Read More...]

Hero Seminarian Marched, Then Died, for Life

Brian Bergkamp won’t be at this year’s March for Life, but those who used to travel with him to the annual event will never forget him. [Read More...]

This Sunday: Christ’s Mission Statement and Ours

This Sunday’s Gospel reading sums up the mission of Jesus in three actions. [Read More...]

Pope Francis Is No Trump

Will Trump’s Presidency be like Pope Francis’ papacy? At first glance there is a lot to compare between the two leaders. [Read More...]

This Sunday: How to Listen to a Lector

A mental checklist that can help us focus on the readings. [Read More...]