The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


America’s Catholic Media Summit Canceled

“America’s Catholic Media Summit” at Benedictine College this Nov. 18-19 has been CANCELLED due to the consistory Pope Francis has announced for Rome that weekend. [Read More...]

10 Words of Wisdom From a First Amendment Defender

Eddie Greim tells students how he lives out his Catholic identity. [Read More...]

This Sunday: Climb Zacchaeus’s Tree

Maybe we should consider that this tax collector might be our spiritual better. [Read More...]

Our Times are a Time of Mercy

The power that is greater than these dark times. [Read More...]

Magazine Features Raven Vocation

Sister Bernadette also met Pope Francis in Washington [Read More...]

Fr. Gaitley’s Mercy Message at Benedictine: 10 Quotes

Father Gaitley jokingly called his talk “the Thérèse vs Faustina debate.” [Read More...]

This Sunday: Stop Praying Like a Pharisee

Start praying like the tax collector. [Read More...]

One Song Summed Up the Sexual Revolution…

Bob Seger has talked about his song “Night Moves” a lot, so we know the real story. [Read More...]

Ten Inspiring Quotes from a Catholic in Government

It is hard to imagine a more qualified speaker on living one’s Catholic identity in public life. Timothy Steven Jeffries is a government official and successful entrepreneur who refuses to hide his [Read More...]

This Sunday: A Hard Lesson in Prayer

Pray always, persist in prayer…it has its rewards. [Read More...]

Media, Get Pope Francis Right

I caused a bit of a stir over at the National Catholic Register. In a piece called “How Catholic Opinion Journalists Should Cover Pope Francis,” I reacted to a phenomenon I have [Read More...]

Raven Rosary Resources

Your quick guide to Rosary resources. [Read More...]

Sunday: How God Restores the Real You

This Sunday (the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C) is not officially “Leper Sunday” in the Church but it might as well be. In the first reading, we hear about King [Read More...]

‘Why Doesn’t God Answer Me Back?’ She Asked ….

My daughter asked me an important question about prayer. [Read More...]

Father Gaitley Mercy Message Comes to Benedictine and Kansas City

Father Michael Gaitley is coming to Benedictine College October 19. [Read More...]

Sunday: After Work, More Work … Then Miracles

This Sunday’s Gospel passage (the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C) is a bit of a “problem text.” Most “problem texts” come down to cultural differences, like when Jesus tells Mary, [Read More...]

Catholics, Let’s Unite Around Pope Francis

The future of the Church depends upon it. My book, What Pope Francis Really Said, has started shipping and not a moment too soon, it seems. The book defends Pope Francis at [Read More...]

Benedictine Joins ‘See You at the Flagpole’ Prayers

Benedictine College is once again asking heaven for help in protecting religious freedom. Students at the Atchison, Kan., campus will join students across the nation in prayer this Wednesday for the annual [Read More...]

VIDEO: Benedictine College Daily Fatima Rosary

This video captures the kick-off of Fatima celebrations at Benedictine College. Commencement Day for the college this school year is May 13, 2017, the day that marks the 100-year anniversary of the [Read More...]

Sunday: Are We the Rich Man?

This story should hit home: Many Americans are also obsessed with what they wear and eat. Meanwhile, much of the world lives in poverty. [Read More...]