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Benedictine Presents New Video and New Scholarships

Call it a “choice school” and a “chosen school.” [Read More]

Are We Really In a Land of Exile?

The readings this Sunday remind me that I have never liked the Hail, Holy Queen prayer. [Read More]

10 Signs the Church Is On the Rise

Christianity is growing ... and changing. [Read More]

The Martyr Heroes ISIS Gave Us

Meet the Egyptian Copts who lost their lives. [Read More]

When God Asks Too Much

“God never gives you more than you can handle,” is one of the most often cited quotes from the Bible that is not actually in the Bible. It is also not exactly true. In fact, God does give us more than we can handle but “with the... [Read More]

ISIS Attacks Will Grow the Church

... and the Church will change history. [Read More]

Three Great Big Benefits of Lent

Lent brings beauty, satisfaction and the secret to happiness. [Read More]

The Ugly Duckling Meets Christ

By Vincent Petruccelli [Read More]

Reasons to Swear (and Reasons Not To)

Is it just me, or is profanity suddenly showing up where it never did before? [Read More]

Video Spotlights Vince Lombardi’s Super Bowl Faith

American Catholic Hall of Famer coach is more than just a trophy ... [Read More]

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