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Beyond Labor Day: How To Be Catholic at Work

looked up saintly advice on how to work better. Here is what I found. [Read More]

It’s George Bailey Sunday

George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life could relate to this Sunday's readings. [Read More]

Video: The Church Looks to Benedictine College

Looking back as school begins. [Read More]

Israel, Gaza, and International Humanitarian Law

On the first day of the militant fight between Israel and Gaza, Israel issued a warning .... [Read More]

Ferguson:  Pope Francis and Javert at the Barricade

This is what relativism looks like on the streets, and it is ugly. [Read More]

Sunday Gospel: We Are the Dogs, Not the Children

Remember that we, too, are Gentiles. [Read More]

Benedictine College Focuses New School Year on Mary

A year after Benedictine College was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Marian devotion continues to flower on campus. [Read More]

Leading Out of Double Darkness

Two Essentials of Catholic Education [Read More]

‘Ora et Labora’ Pays off for Pro-Lifers

Kansas City, Kan., abortion clinic closes. Here is what to do next. [Read More]

God Overfeeds the Multitudes. Do We?

God is so good, we easily forget how good he is. [Read More]

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