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Readings: Persecuted? Speak Truth Anyway

No honor in your native place? Join the club [Read More]

Keep Defending Marriage: Resources

Yes, same-sex marriage has been nationally legalized. But that doesn't mean it's right, and it doesn't mean we have to give in or that we can give up. [Read More]

Despite the Court, the First Amendment Stands

What has the Supreme Court done, and what has it not done in its decision legalizing same-sex marriage? [Read More]

‘A Tragic Error’: U.S. Bishops on High Court Decision

The statement of USCCB president Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. [Read More]

Pope Francis’ Awesome, Irksome Encyclical

Pope Francis wants to tell the world about the Gospel. [Read More]

Joy and Peace by Pope Francis

‘Less is more’ says the Holy Father. [Read More]

Laudato Si’s Greatest Hits

Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si came out yesterday, and my newsfeeds have been full of my friends’ favorite quotes (which tells you what kind of friends I have). To keep up with the cool kids, I read the encyclical too. Here are my favorite quotes from Pope... [Read More]

The Power of Perspective in Life

I went to the United Nations a few months ago for the Commission on the Status of Women as a representative of C-FAM’s International Youth Coalition. The discussions were about everything from gender stereotypes in underdeveloped countries to human trafficking. Actress Emma Watson was not there with her... [Read More]

The Great Ideological Paradox

Catholics have a great opportunity to be the people of reason in the strange new territory we are entering. You know something has gone wrong when the culture simultaneously holds mutually exclusive propositions. [Read More]

Mom’s Story of Hope vs. Assisted Suicide

Stephanie Packer says life is worth living, even with her terminal illness — and she wants to stop assisted suicide legislation in California. National Public Radio shared Packer’s story nearly a year after Brittany Maynard’s media-celebrated suicide opened the floodgates to state-level... [Read More]

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