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Benedictine Presents New Video and New Scholarships

Call it a “choice school” and a “chosen school.”

Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, debuted a new video and announced new scholarship initiative.

“Beginning this year, National Merit Finalists will receive full-tuition scholarships to Benedictine College,” announced President Stephen D.  Minnis at the school’s annual Scholarship Ball.

He showed a new video about the college, “A Chosen Place,” before the announcement. (Click here to watch the video on YouTube.)

Minnis said the scholarships were part of the college’s Benedictine 2020 plan.

“A few years ago, Benedictine College embarked on our strategic plan called Benedictine 2020: A Vision for Greatness,” he said. “It is our bold, innovative plan to build one of the great Catholic Colleges in America.”

The three goals of the plan:

1. “Educate America’s Future Leaders” through extensive new scholarships.

2. “Build for Greatness” through a new recreation center and a science and engineering building.

3. “Develop a World Class Faculty” via endowed professorships and significant targeted academic budget increases.

“Today we have 22 National Merit finalists on campus, and thanks to the new program that we announced to the Board of Directors, this number will continue to increase,” said Minnis.

National Merit Finalist are the top 1% of high school students in each state.

“A Chosen Place” is the college’s new introductory film. The idea for the video came when the college consecrated itself to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On that occasion, President Minnis said: “Benedictine College is a chosen place with a special mission. Chosen by the Blessed Virgin Mary to be at this place at this time and to be in the unique situation to now publicly acknowledge her unique role in founding and preserving this school of the Lord’s service.”

The video starts from the same idea and traces the recent successes of the college. It will be used to introduce prospective students, faculty and staff to the mission and work of the college.

The video features the vocal talents of Jim Morlino of Navis pictures and Holy Heroes.

The Scholarship Ball was attended by a record crowd and raised more than half a million dollars for the college.

Founded in 1858, Benedictine College is a Catholic, Benedictine, residential, liberal arts college located on the bluffs above the Missouri River in Atchison, Kansas.  The school is proud to have been named one of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report as well as one of the top Catholic colleges in the nation by First Things magazine and the Newman Guide.  It prides itself on outstanding academics, extraordinary faith life, strong athletic programs, and an exceptional sense of community and belonging.  It has a mission to educate men and women within a community of faith and scholarship.

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