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VOTE: Your Favorite Proudly Catholic Movies

To celebrate Catholic identity in public life, the Catholic Hall of Fame presents Proudly Catholic Movies. What movie makes you proud to be Catholic? Tell us your favorites.

Movies on the list should explicitly reference the Catholic faith. I have started the list off with some of my person favorites, everything from family-frierndly classic epics to less-family-friendly new movies like Les Miserables (2012). I included the oldie Marty (1955) for its quiet Catholicism and the new movie For Greater Glory (2012) for its noisy Catholicism. My kids’ favorite, The Scarlet and the Black (1983), is there, and their dad’s favorite, Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino (2008), too.

The idea for this list started years ago, when my wife and I high-fived each other during Henry V (1989) when the soldiers received a priest’s blessing before battle. There are great lists of movies out there that are chosen for their themes and their qualities. These are essential, important lists. But in the spirit of the Catholic Hall of Fame, this is a list of movies that depicts Catholic identity as a positive force in the world — movies that make you high five the nearest Catholic friend.

What is your favorite “Proudly Catholic” movie?

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