Readings: ‘Forget Lent,’ Whispers the Devil

Just as we begin the season of Lent, which is a call to fast, give alms and pray … the Church presents us with the story of Jesus being tempted not to fast, not to give alms and not to pray. It all begins at his Baptism, when the Holy Spirit drives Jesus into the […]

Bringing People Closer to God – Part 1

By Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB | Fr. Matthew is a monk at St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, KS. This is the first part of his homily for this past Sunday, the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time. We naturally want to find the truth. We don’t want deceptions, or half-truths. We want to see things the way […]

What I Saw at the Caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses are interesting enough on the internet, and there’s a good deal of excitement that carries from the caucus sites via satellite to the nation’s living rooms. But after attending the Caucuses myself this weekend, I realized

Why Catholics Love February

I was lecturing rhapsodically about beauty’s power to pierce the defensive shell of today’s world last week when I noticed that my students were having none of it. I stopped and said, “Wait. What’s wrong? Is this not making sense?”

Readings: When Burnt-Out People Do What Jesus Says

Last week, I shared the words of Cardinal Christoph Schonborn. In a Mass at Benedictine College, he spoke about how Jesus’ hometown turned against him and tried to kill him. “But Jesus passed through the midst of them and went away,” said the Gospel. “Sometimes I have the impression that what we are living now […]

Readings: Lord, Do Not Walk Away

This Sunday’s Gospel reading (Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C) shows how fickle people can be toward Jesus — and its lesson applies directly to Jesus in the Western world in the 21st century. Jesus addresses a hometown audience and reads a scripture passage about the Messiah, applying it to himself. At first, his […]

How College Secularization Backfired

Students are rising up to demand change on campuses from Yale to the Claremont, Calif., colleges — and not sparing the places in between. Student protests have led to the resignation of University of Missouri’s president, Tim Wolfe, and the denunciation of Princeton’s favorite alum, President Woodrow Wilson. They are mad as heck, and they […]

Into the Storm for Life

The weather and emotions for Benedictine students and Gregorian Fellows during this year’s March for Life started out pretty cold. It was a whirlwind 63 hours, 48 of which were spent on buses. Benedictine’s annual entourage arrived in Washington, D.C., stayed for 15 hours, and turned around and drove back to Kansas. Without being able […]