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Bringing People Closer to God – Part 1

By Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB | Fr. Matthew is a monk at St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, KS. This is the first part of his homily for this past Sunday, the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time. We naturally want to find the truth. We don’t want deceptions, or half-truths. We want to see things the way […]

What I Saw at the Caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses are interesting enough on the internet, and there’s a good deal of excitement that carries from the caucus sites via satellite to the nation’s living rooms. But after attending the Caucuses myself this weekend, I realized

Why Catholics Love February

I was lecturing rhapsodically about beauty’s power to pierce the defensive shell of today’s world last week when I noticed that my students were having none of it. I stopped and said, “Wait. What’s wrong? Is this not making sense?”